What Yoga Has Given Kelsey Thurman: A Student's Perspective



Here are the life lessons I’ve learned from The Hot Room and their amazing instructors. 

Set your intention every day.
Most days, my intention is different. Some days, my intention is to get through class and grab a juice after. Other days, my intention is powerful. When I look at myself in the mirror and love myself for who I am, I am in the moment. It slows down this hectic life that seems to move so quickly. More importantly, without realizing it, I started to set my intentions during my daily tasks. My demeanor at work has changed. It has even benefited the students I work with every day. 


You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit.
After my first class I left thinking, who are these crazy people? That was the most miserable class I had ever endured. But then, I came back. For the first time in a long time, I found myself leaving every practice feeling stronger, mentally and physically. Everyone who steps into the room is devoting themselves to an hour of pushing themselves to be better; to be a stronger, kinder individual who leaves and continues their practice out in the world. Your Hot Room practice provides you this experience every time you come to class. 


Embrace the hard stuff.
As I began to listen to the instructors, the words that stuck with me are, “the hardest pose is the one you need the most.” Those damn Eagle and Dancer pose. Outside of my practice, I have learned a great deal from embracing the hard stuff. Embracing where you are in life and knowing that avoiding the hard stuff is not going to get you anywhere. Facing the challenges of your day to day with the grace you bring to your practice can ground you and lead you to have a better understanding of yourself and your journey. 


MEDITATE. MEDITATE. MEDITATE. Can’t focus? Meditate. Can’t sleep? Meditate. Can’t seem to do anything? Well, guess what, meditate! I am an anxious person who is always on to the next thought or event in my mind. The Hot Room has slowed me down, in the best way possible. Even when my head is racing, I can find peace in focusing on my breathing in the current moment, even if I feel like it’s the last place I want to be; this thought means it’s the first place I need to be. Meditating has improved my life immensely in the last year. In my job, when 28 students need my immediate attention and I need to be ON all the time. I subconsciously am breathing through the hard parts of my day, leading my students to breathe through the hard parts of their day.


We’re all in this together.
Class ends with clapping. Now, this isn’t the corny clapping after the plane lands. I know ‘they’ say yoga isn’t a performance, but let’s be real, 50 humans just put on an hour of the most amazing performance of their strength and endurance and that deserves major applause! Sometimes, I want to high-five the person next to me and say, “girl, I saw you nail that toe stand. Oh yeah, I saw that.” There’s that dopamine coming into play again. Those small accomplishments that believe it or not can radiate to other people. 


So, whether you are getting your dopamine fix from your small accomplishments or materialistic purchases, remember you can always boost others by pointing out the accomplishments they might not see in themselves.


Happy five years, The Hot Room! Here’s to many more years of changing lives and enjoying every moment!


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