Student Spotlight: Kristie Carr


Kristie Carr, our June Student Spotlight, can often be seen around town with her best furry friends, her dogs Olive and Ivy. Kristie worked formerly at a veterinarian clinic where she rehabilitated dogs post-surgery, specifically greyhounds coming off of race tracks. A yogi since 1989, she recently combined her passion of yoga and her experience with animal rehabilitation and started teaching DOGA—yoga with your dog.


According to Kristie, “DOGA allows you to strengthen and deepen your natural bond with your dog. It decreases anxiety and relieves stress in you and your dog.” Kristie is very passionate about promoting pet owners to be physically active with their furry friends. “And here's the good news,” she asserts, “dogs really benefit from DOGA whether they participate or not. They pick up your energy. That’s all that matters. When you become still, your dog becomes still.”


Kristie has been a member since our Uptown studio opened in 2013. In 2015, The Hot Room became her home studio when we started offering a larger variety of classes. “I love Vinyasa. I like the playful part of it,” she says. “I did the 30 day challenge a while back which forced me to try the Inferno Hot Pilates. Now I go once a week. I feel like my regular yoga practice has improved from my stronger core.”


An avid runner, Kristi ran this year’s Mini Marathon after an eight-year break. “I practice Bikram because I know the health benefits are so important, especially as a runner. I believe that’s why I am injury free.” Kristie recently took part in Run, Stretch, Transform, a three-month marathon training program consisting of bi-weekly group runs paired with yoga classes. “Without The Hot Room, I would not have run this year,” she admits, “not only did The Hot Room help me complete the mini this year, but they allowed me to bring my dog, Ivy, to the trainings. Bonus!!!”


We love having Kristie as a part of The Hot Room family! She has a beautiful practice and encourages all the yogis around her to push their practice to the max. “I chose The Hot Room as my home because of the instructors and fellow students,” she says. “Everyone inspires me to be the best version of myself… I just feel loved when I walk into the building.”


Feeling inspired by Kristie? Dog or no dog, check out all our outdoor classes we’re offering this summer!


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