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Ann Marie Elliot: I know I can do great things


Our students all possess a unique story on how this practice has impacted their life. Each has their own reason for walking through the doors at The Hot Room. They have all experienced some form of transformation from this practice. During the month of October, we will be sharing several student and staff stories to acknowledge their transformations. Get ready to be inspired and read on about Ann Marie's transformation at The Hot Room:
The best answers don't often come all at once. Sometimes they reveal themselves in a slow burn, until you suddenly realize the world has changed. Things have improved. You've come through to another side of your journey.
I'm no stranger to searching for answers. I've struggled with my mental health for as long as I can remember. An eating disorder, wrong diagnoses, and hospitalization. Lost friends and relationships. I moved to the other side of the world to get away from myself (which anyone who has done this can attest is never a good idea).
It's been a long road: starting treatment, quitting treatment, new doctors, therapists, and diagnoses, new meds, ups, and downs. I met a psychiatrist who told me I had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and things started to click.
I still can't believe it took me so long to find The Hot Room.
I struggled on and off meds. Had an extremely inconsistent yoga practice, and wrestled with my mental health, my disordered eating, and general outlook on life. The unpredictability of everything gave me such an overwhelming sense of dread.
The minute I stepped into the heat, things started to shift in a way they never had before.
I've got to be honest, I hated my first Original Hot Yoga class. I barely made it through, felt awful, and went home talking about how I had no idea how I would ever do it again.
But then I did. And I sucked. And I did it again. And I sucked less. Suddenly, my brain felt like it was putting itself in order. I had done yoga before, but never in this type of heat. Never in a place where I was so supported to grow my practice.
I started having conversations with those around me, laughing, and saying “yoga keeps my brain organized”. I signed up for Hot Power Vinyasa Teacher Training. I started to love bikram. Doors opened for me to live authentically and love deeply.
For years I was waiting for an answer to smack me in the face. I was determined to flip a switch and be better, and it never worked that way.
Yoga wasn't the answer. Wanting to change was an answer. Talking to people and seeking help was an answer.
The heat was an answer, lowering my cortisol levels. The postures were an answer, learning to hold strength where I needed and softness where I could allow rest. The demands of the room were an answer, as every little thing I do to my body shows up in there: did I sleep enough? Eat enough of the right things? Have a drink too many? Have I been caring for my body?
The healing was an answer. Filling my cup with the community of yogis around me was an answer.
Suddenly, I looked around, and my life had changed without me noticing. Recovery isn't linear; all my problems aren't solved. But I have a groundedness in my body that I have never had before. Knowing that I did that for myself, in that room, with all its ways of showing me the truth about myself, I know I can do great things.




Just Breathe

5 Tips For Your First Class

Jennifer Huss: Finding the Fountain of Youth

Our students all possess a unique story on how this practice has impacted their life. Each has their own reason for walking through the doors at The Hot Room. They have all experienced some form of transformation from this practice. During the month of October, we will be sharing several student stories to acknowledge their transformations. Get ready to be inspired and read on to learn how Jennifer Huss transformed her life at The Hot Room:
Recently I decided I was going to take back my physical health, so I started working out at home. I progressed into the gym and signed up for my first obstacle course race. This race consisted of 13 miles and 20 obstacles. Sixty pounds later and four races under my belt I was feeling good but not great. The cardio, circuit training and weights left me feeling tired and worn. I also felt pressure to keep it up but there wasn't a workout to recover and replenish me. I tried Bikram yoga while on vacation, and the day I returned home I sought out a hot yoga studio and found The Hot Room. 
I joined The Hot Room in April 2017, and in a short amount of time I realized THR is my fountain of youth and it restores me. I feel energized, challenged, inspired and accomplished when I leave. When I started going to THR I found it to be my oasis. It was only me, I knew no one, I knew nothing about yoga and it was fresh. No one needed anything from me and I just took it all in. The Hot Room regenerated me and brought me through to the next stage of my life. Yoga is my therapy, downtime for my mind and a time to be kind to my body.
My physical transformation during my time at THR includes losing 13 additional pounds. I also feel lean and better aligned. The mental and emotional benefits I've received from my practice have improved my life substantially. I take the peaceful focused atmosphere inside the room outside with me when I leave.  My reaction to the world is like my breath—calm and steady. I learned to let situations be what they are and no more.
I have developed such a strong passion for my practice that I went to Sterling Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Puerto Morelos, Mexico for four weeks this summer. The training and the people I met were incredible.  My transformation continues as I develop my teaching style and prepare to get on the podium and lead class. I have this new passion in my life to inspire others. That is one of the most positive aspects of my transformation.
The students at The Hot Room inspire me daily. It's a hard and disciplined practice, and I admire everyone that accomplishes their goal to get in the room day after day. I also love the way The Hot Room involves the students. The contests, challenges and recognition are well utilized platforms to motivate and create a sense of team. Who doesn't want to be on a winning team like The Hot Room? You never lose here!


Preciss Stone: Experiencing Transformation One Breath at a Time


Our instructors all possess a unique story on how this practice has impacted their life. Each has their own reason for walking through the doors at the Hot Room and sharing the gift they’ve been so graciously granted, but they have one goal for their students: for them to experience the same transformation from this practice that they have. The Hot Room staff spotlight this month could not be more PERFECT for our theme of the month: Transform Your Life.
Preciss Stone has transformed in more ways than one through The Hot Room, as a practitioner, a teacher and an individual. She continues to strengthen the relationship between the mind and body through one thing - the breath. After only 6 short months of practice, Preciss’s instant infatuation with hot yoga inspired her enough to become a teacher herself. Becoming a teacher not only allowed her to strengthen her own practice, but it also granted her the opportunity to positively affect others’ lives. While Preciss has experienced immense personal growth through The Hot Room, she’s also been able to watch the community around her flourish and transform TOGETHER over the last 5 years. Here are some wise words from Preciss about her intimate relationship with hot yoga:

When did you decide to teach, and what was the tipping point to enter the Original Hot Yoga teacher training?

It was not even a year into my practice. I actually decided 6 months into the practice that I wanted to teach. This style of yoga was like nothing I have ever done. I felt so invigorated and challenged. I wanted to continue this feeling and figure out a way to bring this same feeling to others. I wanted to find a way to incorporate this into my community. Simply my love for it right from the start is why I wanted to teach.

How have you transformed through the years as a teacher?

I’ve transformed by learning more about compassion and how to apply compassion to each and every person who comes to practice at The Hot Room. Everyone that comes through our doors is dealing with something. You have to give everyone the space and allow people to get out what they need to in The Hot Room—it’s never personal. As a teacher it is my responsibility to hold the space for them and keep them safe. It’s huge to me to keep everyone safe mentally and physically.

How do you apply yoga outside of the studio?

Everyday life is breath. One breath at a time. I’ve been more aware of my breath, which is the foundation of everything I do. I’ve learned how to breathe and be more grounded in everything I do. I’ve also learned how to control my breath and how I look at things through my breath. It truly makes a world of difference.

What is your favorite posture? Your least favorite?

I have two favorites: Triangle in the standing series and Camel in the floor series. They are both challenging and invigorating at the same time. Each time I practice I feel like I break through another barrier. I always try to take myself to a new place in these postures each day. I look at myself as a blank canvas and listen to the words so I can learn more about me. For my least favorite, awkward part three. I cringe every single time I do this posture, but I am also thankful for it because it challenges me. It challenges me because when I think about some of the injuries I’ve endured, and how I must rely on my muscle strength in my legs and abdominals. I’ve learned to embrace the things I’ve disliked through this posture.
Describe what you see watching The Hot Room community grow over the past five years.
I can’t even begin to describe what I’ve witnessed. It’s amazing because it’s five years of The Hot Room helping the community live their best life. I’ve seen five years of sweat, hard work and determination, with so many members coming through our door with the same goal. It’s been a huge influx of different bodies and diversity. Not just in race, but diversity in body shapes and gender. It’s really amazing to see how the community has transformed. The Hot Room community truly makes this yoga accessible to every BODY!


Barry Sinclair: 1200 Classes and Counting!

Karma Krew Since 2014

1200 Classes and Counting


We have so much to be grateful for at The Hot Room during our five-year celebration! The success of our studios would not be possible without the support of our community. To commemorate this support, we’ve decided it is only natural to choose Barry Sinclair as our next student spotlight. Barry is one of The Hot Room’s most dedicated and kind-hearted yogis to ever grace The Hot Room. He truly works and practices from a place of positivity and gratitude, and that energy is infectious. Since practicing at The Hot Room, Barry has taken nearly 1,200 classes and logged almost 1,500 hours of yoga. This doesn’t include the countless hours Barry contributes as a Karma Krew Yogi. We can’t imagine how many towels he’s folded, floors he’s mopped and fruit he’s chopped. Here’s what Barry has to say about his life at The Hot Room:


What’s life like for you outside of your yoga practice at The Hot Room?

Life is great outside the Hot Room!  Much of that is due to the many positive side effects I receive from my practice. Health, happiness and relationships just to name a few


When did you join The Hot Room community and what motivates you to continue to come back?

I joined the Hot Room community in 2013 a week or two after the studio opened. The community itself keeps me coming back. The students and staff are so inspiring!  I am far beyond grateful!  


What forms of yoga do you practice and why?

Mainly the Original Hot Yoga for the physical benefits. I also enjoy Hot Power Vinyasa, Hot Power Sculpt, and lately the Inferno Pilates. I find that when practicing all of these forms they feed off of each other. My body and strength are more balanced. 


What is your favorite posture?

My favorite posture is by far Camel! It makes me feel wide open powerful yet vulnerable intensely aware and indescribably invigorated. 


You’ve attended nearly 1,200 classes at The Hot Room! What does that number mean to you?

That number probably means at least a million things. It means I have fallen down and gotten back up at least ten thousand times I still consider myself a beginner. You should see my Standing Head to Knee—at this point I can only laugh. It means countless times I have been beyond grateful to myself and our community.


You’ve been with The Hot Room since the beginning. How have you seen our community change and evolve over the years?

I am amazed by the number of students who have also been practicing at the Hot Room since the beginning. That says a lot. I am also amazed by all of the new faces I see every week. It is such a unique opportunity to see and sometimes be a part of their transformation.


Tell us about your Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training experience?

Initially because it is my goal to teach. I had seen firsthand the products of the program in some of the great teachers we have on our staff. It taught me that I have so much more to learn. I would highly encourage anyone one interested in Original Hot Yoga to pursue a training at The Hot Room. In addition to providing the tools to become a great teacher it provides detailed anatomy, effective public speaking, yoga history and philosophy.    




Why One Class Is Not Enough


The dedication of our students inspires us daily. Every student has their own reason for coming to The Hot Room, but once in class, we embrace the heat together. Tammy Millott, who’s been practicing with us since 2016, describes her own personal journey with hot yoga.
Tammy is one of those faces that brightens the studio with just the flash of her smile.
After 32 years of nursing, Tammy was looking to show herself some compassion and healing and found this in The Hot Room. 
During her first class, Tammy thought to herself, ‘Maybe this isn’t for me’ after feeling a little nauseous and weak. She admits that her first few experiences with hot yoga were definitely challenging, but these hurdles reeled her in. With self-doubting thoughts rushing throughout her mind during class, she began to realize her ability to overcome these thoughts.
The progression of Tammy’s yoga journey only grew from there, recognizing more and more what her body truly needed. “I gradually learned what I needed to drink and how often I needed to drink,” Tammy expressed. She always assumed she kept herself hydrated, but realized after taking hot yoga that she was nowhere where she needed to be.
“I just felt detoxified and alive,” Tammy said.
How do YOU feel after your practice?!


How Yoga Helps With Your Busy Schedule


Our students here at The Hot Room have seen all kinds of transformations, not only physically, but also in their day-to-day life. Shawn Scott, student and now instructor (YAY!), explains why she is thankful that she found a home in The Hot Room.
Shawn began practicing with us in 2015 and within her first year, she lost 30-40lbs, developed a lot of strength and toned her body like she never had before.
Not only is her dedication to this practice evident on the outside, but she also saw other aspects of her life enhance as she deepened her practice. She accredits yoga to her increase in focus at her job, something her colleagues even noticed! “To get the output they need from me, I’ve got to go and do this,” she said.
Her husband, who also practices at The Hot Room, notices how much yoga effects Shawn’s life. He realized that the energy that she puts into her practice allows her to give back more to her family at home.
The one resource we all wish we had more of is time. Shawn’s absolute favorite class is the 90 minute Original Hot Yoga, which can turn into a 2-hour commitment. But she learned to build her practice into her busy schedule, claiming that yoga is an irreplaceable part of her life. 
If Shawn can figure out how to balance a busy, structured work schedule, a fun-filled family life and hot yoga, YOU can too!


A Yoga Journey through Pregnancy with Susan Bullington



A long time student of The Hot Room, Susan inspired us during her pregnancy with her continued dedication to practice. We admire her strength and passion so we wanted to learn more about what her journey was like! 


How was this yoga journey during pregnancy different than your other two?
I am fortunate that I was able to practice during all 3 pregnancies.  I never feel more connected with my body than when I am practicing when I am pregnant.  I am more patient and listen to what my body needs during those months.  This is the only pregnancy where I practiced hot yoga during the entire 9 months.  Prior to my pregnancy, I only practiced the original hot yoga about once a week because I preferred pilates and vinyasa classes, but by the end, I was practicing it 3 times a week and it was my preferred class. I love the predictability of this yoga and it allowed me to confidently practice as my body rapidly changed.

I actually feel that I grew stronger during my pregnancy because I was able to increase the amount I practiced the original hot yoga (and because I was holding poses with an extra 30lbs.  :))  Probably the biggest change during this journey was the support I received from THR community.  Every class, I received words of encouragement from a teacher of fellow yogi.  I can't express enough from how much that meant to me. 


How did you decide to continue your practice during pregnancy? What was the biggest change/modification you had to make?
Yoga was such a huge part of all of my pregnancies and I knew I wanted to continue for my mind as much as my body.  Prior to this pregnancy, I was practicing some sort of hot yoga/pilates about 6 days a week so I knew my body was accustomed to the workouts and heat. I followed the pregnancy modifications for the original hot yoga very early in my pregnancy.  This allowed me time to try the modifications and figure out what felt best for my changing body. 


Do you feel that yoga helped during labor or any other benefits during your pregnancy?
YES!!!!!  Yoga played a huge role in allowing me to have 3 natural, unmedicated births.  Every class, I made sure to find some time to completely focus on my breath and visualize breathing through contractions.  During labor, I relied on my months of preparation to control the pain with my breath.  All 3 of my deliveries were rather quick and I think that yoga gave me the strength I needed to quickly and efficiently push my babies out.  :) 

Other benefits...ENERGY!  Practicing often gave me a much needed energy boost and I noticed I felt more tired if I missed classes.  Yoga also helped with digestion. I had lots of heartburn with this pregnancy and was surprised to discover that yoga actually made it better.  Another benefit was the effect on my mental health. It felt good to know I was able to do something healthy for my body and baby.  I am definitely more cranky/less patient when I don't do yoga. 


What advice do you have for other expecting mothers who plan to practice during their pregnancy?
I would encourage expecting mothers to inform the instructors as early as they feel comfortable and adopt the pregnancy modifications early.  This helped me feel more relaxed during my practice and allowed me to give myself permission to take it easy and rest when I needed to.  Always remember that your baby is the most important person in the class and listen to what your body is telling you.  I found it helpful to talk to other moms who practiced during their pregnancies to learn from their experience.  And as always, drink tons of water!!!  But most importantly, enjoy the journey...it truly is a magical time.  


Hot Yoga Summer Practice Benefits

Many people think that hot yoga is best practiced during the colder months. There's definitely a high number of students when the weather turns cool! The truth is, hot yoga and pilates is truly beneficial all year long. Keep reading to learn more! 


Cope with the Summer Heat - Ever felt sapped of energy after a long day in the sun? A consistent practice will keep you strong and energized through all of your favorite summer events! 


Improve your Practice - Your body will be warmed up before you enter the studio. You will find that you are more flexible and can go deeper into the postures during the summer. 


Feel Amazing, Look Amazing - Continue your practice and you'll feel strong and confident in your summer clothes. 


Detox - Sweating helps improve your kidney functions - which is great after all those summer cocktail parties!


Drink More Water - Your summer practice will encourage you to stay hydrated and help you lose weight.


Energize your Body and Mind - A consistent practice will release stress from your body and enhance your overall peace of mind.


Perform your Best - Practice at The Hot Room and it will give you the athletic upper hand no matter what outdoor activity you pursue. 


Indulge - Summer schedules tend to be more flexible for lots of yogis! Take advantage of some extra time by spending it on yourself and your health. 


Spend Quality Time with Yourself - 
Dedicate your practice to YOU! With a consistent practice you will be full of energy and be a better version of yourself.


Connect - Hang out with your favorite teachers and the best yoga community all summer long!


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