Original Hot Yoga (60 min)

This class is taught by:

Caroline Escobar

I found Bikram yoga in 2011 following a pretty severe CrossFit injury that resulted in surgery. I was told yoga was the only physical activity I was permitted to do during my recovery. Someone I worked with suggested I give Bikram yoga a try given I enjoy a challenge. Walking out of my first 90 minute class, I was in love and my life was forever changed. The intensity of the room mixed with the deep therapeutic stretching and compressions, I was hooked and finally understood that saying, “being comfortable in the uncomfortable”. I knew one day I would teach this, this yoga became my passion and saving grace in my life and I wanted to share that with the world.
Fast forward to 2017. The Hot Room partnered with Sterling Hot Yoga Works and finally brought the opportunity of a lifetime right to my backyard, my home studio! Graduating in February 2018, my dreams had come true. After years of having my persistence and patience repeatedly tested, I am now a certified Original Hot Yoga Teacher! I also have the amazing opportunity to work the front desk at both studios, which keep me in constant contact with this amazing yoga community in Indianapolis.
I always tell new students to come with an open mind. Step into that room trusting that we are holding space for you and the body you have today. Any BODY can do this yoga, so I invite you to come and allow it to change your mind, change your life. Come see me, I’ll be holding space just for YOU! Namaste!

Shawn Scott

I bought the Groupon that changed my life one fall afternoon in 2014. The youngest of my three children was almost six months old and I needed to do something for me. I walked into the studio and took a 90 minute original hot yoga class. It was not love at first sight (ok, I’ll be honest, it wasn’t love at second or fifth sight either). But I kept going, determined to figure out what the other practitioners around me knew that I didn’t. Before I knew it, I was hooked. With a regular practice I transformed my body by shedding the baby weight and becoming stronger and more flexible. This yoga taught me to be comfortable in an uncomfortable situation and I benefit from that learned skill daily at home and in the office. As a busy working mom, my to do list never ends, except for the 60 or 90 minutes I am in the hot room. I leave each class renewed and ready to take on all that life has to offer.
Fast forward three years from my first class, on another fall afternoon, I took the leap to go to teacher training to dive deeper in to this yoga and my practice. It was amazing to learn the science behind the yoga and how and why it really works.
This yoga is my passion and I want to share it with you. See you on your mat!

Laura Burdick

I am the Studio Manager for The Hot Room as well as an Original Hot Yoga, Inferno Hot Pilates, and Hot Power Vinyasa teacher.
My personal and professional life is about pursuing health and happiness for myself and others. As the Studio Manager and a teacher, I am able to share that with everyone that walks through our doors. I have been practicing Original Hot Yoga since 2011 and loved every minute of my first class (except I thought camel was awful). After my first class, I knew I would be a lifetime practitioner but was unaware of just how much of my life would be dedicated to the powerful series that makes up the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises.
I completed my training in Summer 2016 through Sterling Hot Yoga Works. Since the Original Hot Yoga training, I have completed a 200-hour training in Baptiste-style Vinyasa and Inferno Hot Pilates certification. In addition to teaching and managing the studio, I am a Certified Health Coach and lead many total well-being initiatives at The Hot Room via my own business, Stride10 Coaching, LLC.
The Original Hot Yoga - 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The most therapeutic, healing, and physically challenging workout you have ever done. At the end of 60 minutes, you will have worked your entire body from the inside out. Come in and see how good your body is designed to feel.

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